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Tsunami in Vero Beach? Snow Storm in Vero Beach? 9/25/2011 What is this? It is to early for an April fools prank. Did we all join the Boy Scouts? "Always being prepared". What is it with all these signs poping up along the Treasure Coast barrier island? To the best of my knowledge there has "never" been a Tsunami within in a thousand miles of here. Yes, there was a  rogue wave in Daytona Beach on July 3, 1992 with no warning, measuring 18 feet high, 250 feet wide, 27 miles long. This wave smashed hundreds of vehicles parked on the beach and injured 75 people. By the way, this was not a Tsunami. It is generally believed the Rouge Wave was caused by an underwater landside or even more interesting a possible meterorite anywhere from a meter to 10 feet across crashing into the ocean nearby. Yes, I forgot to mention the "possible" Tsunami 35 million years ago at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

Tsunami Evacuation Route signs! Why? First it seems a bit alarmist to put all these signs up, not to to mention the cost of the signs. 28 to be exact thus far. It is my understanding we just shelled out at least $10,000.00 for the erection, planning, labor and installation of these signs.We are standing by here at Vero Beach FiveStar for anyone who can give us a really good reason for this unusual expense at this time. Please, Please give us a call. Call Diane at 772.770.9000.  As the rumor mill continues to stir here in Vero Beach there has been a mysterious ship anchored several mile SE of Vero Beach off the shore. Also ,the rumor mill continues that the off shore monitoring (DART- Deep-Ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis) buoys has been out of commission for over a year and no one knows if or when it will ever be repaired. Again, this information is through the rumor mill.
Rhett Palmer aka the "Mayor of the Airwaves" or as I call him the "Morning Mayor of Radio". Rhett Broadcasts daily 7-10 AM weekday on Clear Channel WAXE, AM 1370 and 107.9 FM The call in number is 772.564.0400. Rhett Palmer is soon to be syndicated nationally on the Global American Broadcasting Network to over 5,000 radio station.

I haven't personally known Rhett more that a few months however I have been listening to him for more years than I can remember. I am amazed at this passion and never ending talent. From the few lunches we have had together I feel Rhett is a deeply spiritual person, a hard working entrepreneur and a champion of small business. It is my honor to know Rhett and am looking forward to working with him on various projects in the near future. 

 He's an award-winning talk show host, singer/songwriter and 1st Place Vocalist in Nashville's Music City Festival, winner of two prestigious Gold Addy Awards, public speaker and so devoted to his country he has been dubbed "Patriotic Palmer".

Yes, Rhett is the real deal, The true "Mayor of the Airwaves".
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                   The Best "Real" Barber Shop in Vero Beach.
John The Barber

This is the BEST Barber Shop in Vero Beach. Excellent Barbers. Nice People. Squeaky Clean.  John has been cutting hair since 1959. This shop was owned by Bud Ellis for over 50 years. Bud passed away April 8, 2012. John the Barber, has been here at this shop since 2002. The shop is located in the  Miracle Mile Shopping Plaza behind Jersey Mike's Sub Shop. Haircuts are $15.00 and well worth it. This is where I get the few hairs I have left cut. This is a MrFiveStar recommended Barber Shop.   

John The Barber
(772) 563-2124
622 21st St,
Vero Beach, FL 32960

Hours: MON THRU FRI 8:00-5:00 
SAT 8:00-3:00
 Categories: Hair Stylists, Barbers
"A Real Old Time Barber Shop" Serving Vero Beach 50 Years
In Business Since 1961

Dr. Carlos R. Basabe DVM. This is who takes care of our pets. Dr. Carlos is a true animal lover. I wish my doctor treated me as well as Dr. Basabe treats  our dogs. The Village Pet Clinic is spotless and very professional. We have tried the rest and the Village Pet Clinic is the BEST. This is a MrFiveStar recommended Pet Clinic.  

Dr. Basabe is a graduate of Ross University's College of Veterinary Medicine. He also did his clinical year at Louisiana State University. He has always loved animals and he would love to help you take care of yours.

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to take your pet to the clinic. Now we will come to you. We would like to let our current clients and potential clients know that we are now offering house call appointments. Call for information or to book a house call appointment. Village Pet Clinic established in 1978. The Village Pet Clinic has been a caring and involved part of the Vero Beach community since 1978. If you need your pet cared for in a hurry call this number 772.569.4553 Animals Treated, Dogs and Cats, Se habla espanol. 960 12th Street  Vero Beach, FL 32960

VERO BEACH — Now that Avanzare, the Italian restaurant in downtown Vero continues to be a big hit, the owners, Roger and Terry Lenzi are trying their hand at a nouveau French bistro. They have moved Chef Chuck Arnold – who shared the Avanzare kitchen these past couple of years – across the avenue to their new Bijou, French Bistro.

We recently sampled Crispy Seared Veal Sweetbreads with wild mushrooms bourguignon, Escargot Saute in a tarragon/roasted garlic/lemon butter over goat cheese pastry crouton. My Entree was Duck Cassoulet, green lentil stew of duck breast/smoked sausage & oven roasted tomatoes with a grilled shallot/smoked paprika jus and saffron aioli croutons. We are wild about BIJOU! You already know if we like Bijou you will too.
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Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30. For information or reservations, please call (772) 226-5254.
1901 fourteenth avenue | downtown Vero Beach, FL 32960 
Avanzare Ristorante $$$$ is an upscale Northern Italian Tuscan chop house. Fresh pastas are made daily and they only use Prime Angus beef and veal. They have the freshest local seafood on the shore. Full bar. Reasonable wine prices both by the glass and bottle.
Enjoy Italian specialties at their finest -- right in the heart of downtown Vero Beach! OPEN MON - SAT FROM 5 PM Avanzare Ristorante is located in at 1932 14th Avenue in downtown Vero Beach, Florida. Reservations always appreciated (772) 978-9789.
Vero Beach 2/6/13: You can tell by the expression on Molly's face she really likes Avanzare. We place Avanzare one notch below Amalfi Grille, two notches above Pizzoodles and very similar to Pomodoro on the Beach. Perhaps the food and service is a bit better than Pomodoro but Pomodoro's ambiance is more pleasing. Once again we remind you, we frequent all the Italian restaurants listed here. You won't get a bad meal at any of them. We think they are all exceptional in their own way. BTW, don't be fooled by the front entrance of Avanzare. It gets much better once you are inside. Be aware the noise level can become annoying when they seat a table of 12 young women celebrating something.
Early diners can take part in our "Dinner at Five" menu that offers 7 selections for $16.95 and 4 Selections for $19.95! All entrees include a Caesar Salad or Blue Wedge and an ice cream "shooter" for dessert. Early Bird times are 5:00 & 5:15 PM only. Regular dinner menu selections range from $19.95 to $39.95. Reservations are suggested, but walk-ins are welcome!
CALL 772-231-4090 For Reservations! You will find Molly and MrFiveStar here at least once a week. Our last visit was August 23  outstanding as always. John and Tony always there to insure a perfect experience. 

We also like the $60.00 & $75.00 wine dinners.

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Vero Beach Restaurant News​

Citron Bistro: $$ Located in the Villages Shops on North A1A. Read my  article in Tripadvisor. This place does  not have it's act  together. It has some good possibilities but not the way it is being operated, at least Saturday April 4th. Very, Very show service. 30 minutes to get menus, 30 more minutes for the food service to arrive. If I were you I would give them a few more months to get in the groove. Even as of this date no website other than a picture place holder. Nice but no information. 6260 N. A1A, Vero Beach, FL 32963   772-231-6556

Vero Beach
Restaurant of the Year 2012 & 2013
Leanne Kelleher

 Leanne and Claudia
Chef Michael Glatz Now on the Radio  As if overseeing the food preparation at the Patisserie isn't enough, Savory Chef, Michael is also a writer and Radio Host on Foodspace Radio. We listened to a few of his shows. Wow! not only is he a Super Chef, but a terrific radio host and an outstanding writer. We are trying to get Chef Michael to join our forces here at VBFS and MrFiveStar and well as our National Network to get more involved with the media. After all when you are already on overload why not push the envelope? As we say in radio, stay tuned!

We think we have a star on our hands here!

Click on Chef Michael's picture to hear some of his recent radio programs.

Vero Beach Restaurant News​

Cafe Euro: $$ now open, Miracle Mile 575 21st Street. This one is owned by John Marx, well known for the Polo Grill, the original owner of Chelsea's and the Lemon Tree. They are initially serving breakfast and lunch 7:30-3 PM Daily 772-257-6337. They did a nice job on the interior design, very European. Try this, I really enjoyed it. Parisian Eggs Benedict 2 Eggs over easy, Ham, Hollandaise on Croissant & Euro Potatoes $7.95 12/28/13 Try this, Waldorf w/apple & walnuts (Salad) I loved it. Better get here soon before the place gets packed with the snowbirds. 

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